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#PHXbizConnect HUUB includes:

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PHXbizConnect HUUB is a city-wide online community and resource center for small businesses brought together by your community.

Grants & Incubator

Find grants and funding opportunities to grow and thrive. Always updated and be the first to know.

Community of Support

Connect with other entrepreneurs and business owners in Phoenix HUUB. From food industry entrepreneurs to software founders, this is your HUUB to continually help you grow.

COVID Recovery Webinars

Live webinars and a library of business support training to help founders and small business owners recover and reopen after COVID closures. Get new tips on how to lower expenses, raise revenues and optimize operations.

Meet with an Expert

Get the help you need now to grow your business. Access a network of advisors and apply for funding to cover the cost of consulting support.

New Grant Alert!

Apply for up to $10,000 in grant-funded assistance. Phoenix-based businesses along the light rail that demonstrate significant financial impact can apply today.

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